Boys will be Boys

Certainly, everyone has heard this phrase.  It is both used as a throw all excuse for boys and even men’s behavior

NURTURE vs. Nature

How were we nurtured as children..?  What are our fondest memories of being nurtured by our parents?  How do you Nurture your children? 

Are you talking to me..?

Communication is the foundation of any well-functioning relationship.  How do we communicate with our kids, our partners, or our co-workers?  Have we considered what our body language says to the people around us?  What does how we communicate say about us?

To Discipline or Not to Discipline?

What does Discipline mean?  What do you think of when you see this word?  How were you disciplined as a child?  Where did your ideas around discipline come from?  Do we believe there is a difference between discipline, reward, and punishment?

Do You Even Self-Care Bro?

As both Dad and Parent, we must consider how we model behavior for our children.  How do you show your kids what a healthy lifestyle is..?