Parenting Classes in Tucson

Parent Partners Program


As part of the Parent Partners Program, our Family Support Specialists (FSS) visit families in their homes each week for as long as one year. During the weekly visits, an FSS discusses different topics with families such as discipline, setting routines, and creating a safe home environment. Family Support Specialists use an evidence-based home visiting program called SafeCare to make sure that each family receives the same quality of service.

All families in Pima County with at least one child age 0- 12 years old are eligible to participate in the Parent Partners Program. The program is free of charge.

Safe Care In home family support

The Parent Partners Program utilizes the evidence-based SafeCare curriculum which offers in-home training to parents. Established in 1979, SafeCare was developed in order to assist families by providing techniques for tackling difficult issues at home. Throughout the program, Parent Aid’s Family Support Specialists discuss three major themes in their visits with families:

  • Health: In the health module, parents learn how to use a structured decision-making approach to care for their children when they are sick or injured.
  • Home Safety: Parents learn how they can create a “childproof” home by identifying and eliminating common household hazards.
  • Parent-Child/Parent-Infant Interactions: Family Support Specialist partners with parents to overcome challenging behavior in their children through everyday activities. Parents also learn about family-friendly activities and child development.