Parenting Classes in Tucson

It is easy to redirect your Arizona tax dollars to Parent Aid!

Maritza always spoke of how she looks towards progress and a better life for herself and her family. When Maritza’s family partnered with Parent Aid, she was living with the father of her children. Within the first few visits, it became evident that there were signs of domestic abuse. Through the support and resources provided by her Family Support Specialist, Maritza was able to find independence and stability for her and her children. Because of the support from Parent Aid, Maritza and her family are recovering from their past and are now creating brighter futures.

Parent Aid helped Maritza develop skills in health, home safety and parent-child interactions. Our program promotes positive parenting skills in the family’s natural environment and capitalizing on natural opportunities for learning. The skills Maritza gained from our program have enabled her to turn negative behaviors into positive actions and have helped each member of her family thrive individually and collectively. Maritza encourages strong values for her family and now leads by example.

Donors like you made Maritza’s story a success. Donations from individuals are a large part of how we are able to support families like hers. Please consider redirecting your state tax dollars to Parent Aid and help make more success stories like this a reality for families in our community.

You can provide the in-home safety education module to a family for just $400.

Your investment of $800 supports community families’ growth in communication, child development, discipline and self-care by providing an entire class series.

When you invest $1500 in Parent Aid you provide weekly in-home support to a family for a full year, which will have lasting impacts not only on the parents and children, but the greater community as well, due in part that every dollar invested in our home-visitation program will be returned to our community 15-fold in decreased costs to the child welfare, criminal justice, healthcare and educational systems.