Looking back over the years, we can hear the precious lives we have been privileged to serve. They seem to be saying:



When I was pregnant, you became my companion helping me to find prenatal care, good nutrition and lessons on being a good mom for the treasure I carried within me.”

” This information gave me the confidence to be a better mom and be able to discipline my child without spanking and to re-establish a bond and connect with my child after 1 1 /2 years of separation. Thank you! My daughter loves our home visitor, she is so kind and helpful.:

“When I was unable to bond with my new born, you became someone I could trust making it easier for me to draw closer to my child.”

“When I could no break the cycle of mistreating my child the way I had been mistreated by my parent, you gave me hope by showing me a better way.”

“When I was taking out my poor self-image on my little ones, you helped me to find some good in myself and to celebrate the goodness in my children.”

“When my own needs blinded me to the needs of my children, you opened my eyes to help me accept my children’s natural need to depend on me.
When our frustrations were breaking us apart, you helped us to find the spark of love still in our marriage.”

“When it seemed like we would never have enough money to pay all our bills, you taught us to budget and even start to save a little.
When I felt like I was alone in the world and the only mom with my problems, you visited me and helped me end my isolation and find my place in the community.”

All these grateful voices can be heard today because of the countless hours and acts of generosity performed by our staff, board members and community volunteers.

Consider joining us as a partner family, volunteer or contributor so we never hear the voices of disappointment say:

“When I was pregnant, unbonded, abusive, self-hating, resentful, overwhelmed, in debt and isolated, there was no one there for me.”