Downloading iMessage For Windows Using Bluestacks

It is an inbuilt Apple messaging app that lets a user send text messages instantly. Not only does it feature text messages but also sends videos, images, documents, pdf files etc. in short, it`s an multi features messaging app. No doubt that it is the most popular application of iphones and this is what led to curiosity in windows and android users to get a taste of it. So here we will learn how to download imessage for windows using bluestacks.

There are a few conceivable blunder messages that show an enactment issue with FaceTime or iMessage, yet the most regular one is the Waiting for activation error imessage that shows up in the iMessage or FaceTime boards in the Settings application, as presented previously.

Downloading procedure

Since the imessage application is primarily meant for only iphone users, the trick to download and use it on windows is installing via the bluestacks or android emulator. Actually, bluestacks is the android emulator software that lets the user of windows install and use the android based applications. In fact, it`s the biggest and most important crack in this whole downloading procedure. Without the use of bluestacks, one cannot run the application on the system. So it is a must software file for download.

Here are some steps to download imessage for windows:

  • The first and the foremost task is to open bluestacks website and download and install the application
  • After the installation process completes, open the bluestacks app.
  • When you open the search bar, you will see a search box. In the search box enter “imessage app” and after the display of results right click on “Search play option for imessage application”.
  • Now, select the iMessage application from the Google play and right click on the install option.
  • After the installation of the imessage application successfully completes, get on the Home page of Bluestacks.
  • Select the “all apps” option and there you would find the iMessage application from the screen
  • That’s it. Open the application and enjoy sending messages to your friends and relatives.

Features of imessage on windows

The iphone users would be much familiar with the features of imessage app since the application is built in by the developers. The mode of communication has been eased with the advent of this app. The positive word of mouth of this application has even led many android users to download it. The experience given was scintillating. So here is a brief on the features of this messaging app:

  • Group chat- the option of group chat lets the users to communicate and chat together. Friends, relatives can easily form groups and share messages.
  • When the other person is typing, you will get the notification.
  • It also lets you know the delivery of message whether it`s sent or not
  • The next big feature, is that it lets the transfer of videos, images and other stuff easily.
  • It also lets the user make groups of friends and relatives.

This sums up the procedure of downloading an iMessage app for users.  These are some of the intrinsic features of the app. It dwells much more than what it says. Try it and you will experience the best experience of a messaging app.